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The Melton Travel Experience: Remarkable Journeys of Heart and Mind

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Prague & Berlin

Join us in exploring these great communities at their peak. Learn about the tragic events that wiped out the bulk of these two worlds... and encounter their contemporary challenges.


Biblical In-Sites

An on-site textual encounter with patriarchs, matriarchs, judges, kings, prophets and soldiers – and the land itself – for new insights.



Greece: A Jewish Odyssey

Join us for this unique Journey of Heart and Mind in one of the most fascinating and scenic countries in the world.


Within Borders

An in-depth seminar exploring the Arab-Israeli conflict and its narratives.


Wrestling with the Angels

An overview of the place of Israel in the history of the Jewish people and critical turning points in the land over a 4,000-year period.


Old-New Land: Herzl's Dream Revisited

Examine the age-old – and brand new! – challenges that have to be addressed by a modern Jewish state. The seminar supplements our "Wrestling with the Angels" seminar, but also stands alone for those keen on encountering contemporary Israel.


Between Poland & Israel: Where Did G-d Dwell?

Follow the trajectory of one of the Jewish people's greatest communities through its zenith and to the nadir, and consider its role in the emergence of modern Israel.


Spain & Israel: Sefarad, Then and Now

Explore the world of Sefarad – home to one of the great periods of Jewish history – in all its achievement, tragedy, and impact on the Jewish people


Italy: God's Island of Dew

An engagement in Jewish and Italian history and culture in ways that only Melton can offer as we explore this most fascinating Jewish community, two thousand years after the exile by Rome.

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  • A wonderful learning experience at every level - touching the mind and the heart.
    Suzie Taryan Melbourne, VIC
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