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The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning is the largest pluralistic adult Jewish education network in the world. With 50 locations in North America, Great Britain, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Hong Kong, the Melton School sets the standard for high-quality, text-based, interactive Jewish study by offering world-class curriculum that informs and inspire adult learners from all knowledge-levels and backgrounds.

Are you looking for a profound understanding of what it means to be Jewish? Join us to explore the texts of our tradition and discover how they relate to us today.

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What They're Saying about Melton

  • Rabbi Amy Wallk Katz Melton has been a fantastic tool in my rabbinate. Melton materials have enabled me to spend time with congregants who are serious about Judaism but are not necessarily interested in Shabbat worship or the daily minyan. My congregants have thoroughly

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  • Woznica David We are very proud of all of the offerings we have in adult Jewish education, but few rival the traditional love and enthusiasm that the Melton School has engendered.... If you care about the future of American Jewish life, if

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  • Rabbi David Steinhardt Throughout all my years in synagogue and Jewish communal life, I have not seen any program that comes close to creating a love and enthusiasm for Jewish life as does the Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning. I am looking

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  • Feldman Alan Our agency takes great pride in the achievements of our Melton School. Our ability to involve such a large number and broad spectrum of individuals in ongoing engagement with the history, texts, values, and experiences of the Jewish people is

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  • kulwin clifford The Hebrew University’s Florence Melton School is nothing short of extraordinary. The curriculum does an extraordinary job of utilizing text so that while the concepts addressed are essentially basic, the means of study ensures the encounter has real intellectual content.

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  • Judy Meltzer If ever there was a word that was in danger of overuse, it is “transformative.” Having said that, I still have to say that Melton is transformative. Not only does it change students, it changes teachers and directors as well.

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The Melton Minute

Melton News

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Jun 10, 2014

Purchases on AmazonSmile benefit Melton

The Florence Melton Adult Mini-School Corp. is now a registered charity with AmazonSmile. If you have an Amazon account, please select us as your charity of choice. There is no cost and eligible… read more
Apr 29, 2014

Melton to Provide Special Lesson for 2014 Global Day of Jewish Learning

We are thrilled to again be taking an official part in the Global Day of Jewish Learning, which will be held Sunday, November 16, 2014. This year's theme is "Heroes, Villains, Saints and Fools: The… read more

Melton Blog

Body and Soul (Parshat Ha'azinu)
Moshe begins his dramatic final song to the Children of Israel by invoking the heavens to listen and...
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10.20.2014 - 10.30.2014
Israel Seminar: Wrestling with the Angels


01.12.2015 - 01.17.2015
2015 International Directors Conference


02.01.2015 - 02.02.2015
Board of Directors Meeting


03.09.2015 - 03.19.2015
Biblical In-Sites Israel Seminar


04.19.2015 - 04.30.2015
Spain-Israel Seminar: Sefarad, Then and Now


06.22.2015 - 07.02.2015
June Israel Seminar: Wrestling with the Angels


06.28.2015 - 06.29.2015
Board of Directors Meeting