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The Melton Travel Experience: Remarkable Journeys of Heart and Mind

polandWelcome to learning at its finest!

Melton Travel Seminars have been delighting adults looking for an enriching travel experience for over two decades. With texts in hand, we explore the sites and landscapes of Jewish life in Israel, Italy, Poland Spain, Berlin and Prague* in order to gain new insight and a deeper understanding of the Jewish past, present and future. Born out of the scholarship of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Melton Travel Seminars provide the most comprehensive and multi-layered touring seminars in the Jewish world. Whether you are interested in walking in the footsteps of our matriarchs and prophets, or you want to grapple with the major events of the 20th century, the learning of a Melton Travel Seminar cannot be matched!

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  • A wonderful learning experience at every level - touching the mind and the heart.
    Suzie Taryan Melbourne, VIC
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