We've missed traveling with you and are excited to again offer Melton Travel Seminars. 

Join us as we explore Israel, Europe, and the Americas, gaining new insights and a deeper understanding of Jewish life, past, present, and future. Whether walking in the footsteps of our matriarchs and prophets, or grappling with major events of modern times, the learning, friendships, and beautiful memories created on a Melton Travel Seminar are simply unparalleled!
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Culture & Crisis: Vienna, Salzburg & Prague

July 24-August 3, 2023

Explore the stunning capitals of Vienna and Prague and learn about the rich and storied Jewish life that flourished there for centuries.

Israelitas: From Secret Jews to Modern Community, Mexico

August 23-27, 2023

Join us for an exploration of one of the Diaspora’s most active Jewish communities, in one of the most stunning capital cities of the world.

A Jewish Odyssey, Greece

October 16-26, 2023

Join us for this unique Journey of heart and mind to one of the greatest crucibles of western civilization. Explore ancient and modern Jewish communities as you visit an exceptional chapter of the Jewish story including the amazing and tragic events of Salonika.

Secrets of the Jewish South, Charleston & Savannah

November 5-10, 2023

Join us in exploring three centuries of Jewish history in South focusing on Jewish settlement in the colonial era, experiences during the Civil War, andcontributions to the American Civil Rights movement.

Jewish Spain: A Tarnished Ornament

May 6-16, 2024

The abundant contribution that Jews wove into the rich tapestry of  life in Iberia is nothing short of astounding. This seminar explores over a millennium of innovation and creativity that was truncated in 1492, and yet continued to impact on Spanish life even after the forced expulsion of the Jews.

Buenos Aires: Paris of the South, Argentina


Discover why Buenos Aires is considered the Paris of the South. With the largest Jewish Population in Latin America, the city is characterized by its captivating history and glamorous present.

Herzl's Dream Revisited, Israel


A deep dive into many of the issues facing the modern Jewish state, topics examined include social, religious, ethnic, and legal issues, all within the context of ancient and modern texts.

Jewish Passages, India


Amidst the wide range of religious diversity in India, live small groups of ancient and lesser-known Jews: On this journey, their historic legacies are revealed in splendor bringing us fresh perspectives as Jews and moderns.

A Tale of Two Cities, Prague & Berlin


Join us in exploring these great communities from their highest points to the tragic lows that wiped out the bulk of these two magnificent worlds. Encounter the difficulties and challenges facing both communities today.

Trailblazers: San Francisco’s Surprising Jewish Past & Present


Dr. Joellyn Zollman will provide the context for understanding the surprising Jewish past and present of the Bay Area, while local experts will guide us in the particular sites, sounds and tastes of San Francisco.

Where God Dwelt, Poland & Israel


Follow the trajectory of one of the Jewish people's greatest communities from its zenith to nadir and consider the community’ role in the emergence of modern Israel.

Within Borders, Israel


An in-depth look at the development of the Arab-Israeli conflict through an exploration of key places and moments in time. In this seminar, participants will encounter narratives and voices from all sides.

Biblical InSites, Israel


An onsite encounter with patriarchs, matriarchs, kings, and common folk, this textual journey brings the Land and Bible to life using ancient and modern-day sources as the context and backdrop to the millennia of Jewish learning.

Ciao Italia! Shalom Italy!


You have been eagerly anticipating this opportunity, and now we are thrilled to be able to present this incredible exclusive seminar to Italy with highly sought-after educator, Professor Marc Epstein.

Olive, Vine and Palette, Israel


This seminar will satisfy your craving for memorable food and wine experiences with a hands-on cultural tour as unique as the people and flavors that make up Israel. From farms and foraging to architecture, design, and social entrepreneurship, you will discover an Israel you've never experienced before.

Panoramic Perspectives, Israel


This tour takes participants along a 3,800-year timeline of the land and its narratives, from the world of Abraham to contemporary Israeli society, providing a comprehensive overview.

Why We Love To Travel with Melton

  • Suzie Taryan

    Melbourne, VIC
    A wonderful learning experience at every level - touching the mind and the heart.
  • Bob Landau

    Pittsfield, MA
    The perspective Melton put on 3000 years was astounding... a perspective of who I am, where I'm from and why I am the person I am: a deep, rich understanding of the history of Israel and the Jews.
  • Nina Bonderow

    Philadelphia, PA
    One of the most wonderful experiences I have ever taken part in... The Melton seminar provides the perfect atmosphere for knowledge and friendship to blossom. It is a most worthwhile experience.
  • Errol Lipschitz

    Vancouver, BC
    The seminar is a treat for anyone and was filled with opportunities to create memories for a lifetime… you deserve to spoil yourself. You will not be disappointed as so much of the program is brought to life by the on-site visits and thoughtful presentations. The seminar left me glowing.
  • Ruth Starr

    London, UK
    I didn't enjoy it - I loved it. I've been to Israel so many times before, but this was so different... very stimulating and wonderful. Thank you!
  • Linda Woloshin

    Chicago, IL
    An outstanding learning experience among compatible students led by an amazing teacher whose enthusiasm and depth of knowledge cannot be compared to any tour I have ever taken before.
  • Bobbie Blau

    West Hills, CA
    I am richer for the friendships made and the knowledge gained. My understanding of the history and the future of Israel has been greatly deepened by "living" the text in context throughout the country. Perhaps, though, it has raised many more questions that will require at least one more Melton seminar to answer... it has complicated my understanding!
  • Anne Rothman

    I loved the inclusion of poetry and literature, as well as Biblical sources: they made the ancient and the current Israel come alive.
  • Buzz Krovitz

    Denver, CO
    This was my fifth visit to Israel and the best… Everything fit together like pieces of a puzzle.
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