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Rabbi Morey Schwartz MAZAL TOV to Rabbi Morey Schwartz on the news that he will receive his doctorate from the Davidson Executive program of the Jewish Theological Seminary this spring. As incoming International Director of the Florence Melton School, this significant achievement comes at an auspicious time for Rabbi Schwartz.

It’s no surprise the subject of Rabbi Schwartz’s academic work over the past five years has focused on adult learning. The doctoral dissertation itself is entitled: Towards a Model of Analysis for Assessing the Influence of Adult Jewish Learning on the Social Capital of a Jewish Community. While there has been extensive research on the impact of adult Jewish learning on the learners themselves, Rabbi Schwartz’s interest focused on exploring the impact of adult Jewish learning on communities.

Using the theory of “social capital” as the theoretical framework for his research, Rabbi Schwartz concentrated his study on the norms of one specific Jewish community, Kansas City, where he taught Melton for more than five years. His research demonstrated the profound impact of the Florence Melton School learning on lay and professional leadership development, institutional growth, and other outcomes of “social capital.”

The entire Melton School community joins in celebrating this personal and professional milestone with Rabbi Schwartz and congratulating him on this important recognition.

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