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Robust classes mark the opening of two new Melton Schools this year in Santa Barbara, CA and London, Endgland.  Dr. Judy Karin, director at Congregation B’nai B’rith, describes her large first year Core class as being a quite diverse group representing a wide spectrum of ages and Jewish backgrounds.   Rabbi Steve Cohen of Congregation B’nai Brith, especially enjoys teaching Purposes of Jewish Living and is impressed by what the curriculum can offer his students.  Recruitment is underway for two more classes to be offered in the first half of 2017: Foundations of Jewish Living for parents raising Jewish children and the Rachel Wasserman Scholars course: Jews in America: Insiders and Outsiders.

Melton is thrilled to be back in London after a brief hiatus and is delighted that the Lyons Learning Project is its new home.  Rabbi Neil Janes, Executive Director of the Lyons Learning Project, was eager to recruit diverse Jewish voices and invited participation as well from professionals working in Jewish educational frameworks as part of Continuing Professional Development.  The first year of Melton Core is being taught to two cohorts in London, on two separate evenings, with a combined student body of 45. 

A complete list of all our Melton schools can be found here.

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