Why Melton?

My congregants have thoroughly enjoyed the exposure to serious Jewish learning. They loved being challenged to think hard and engage in the conversation about important Jewish values. Over time this intellectual engagement has brought them closer to the shul, the greater Jewish community and Israel.
Rabbi Amy Wallk Katz - Temple Beth El, Springfield, MA

The seminar is a treat for anyone and was filled with opportunities of creating memories for a lifetime… you deserve to spoil yourself. You wil not be disappointed as so much of the program is brought to life by the on-site visits and thoughtful presentations. The seminar left me glowing.
Errol Lipschitz, Vancouver, BC

If ever there was a word that was in danger of overuse, it is “transformative.” Having said that, I still have to say that Melton is transformative. Not only does it change students, it changes teachers and directors as well. During the 15 years since our school first opened (and 875 graduates later), I can honestly say that Melton offers an incomparable experience. The curriculum is superb, and our teachers are wonderful. Hence, we continue to attract the very best adult learners. Our mission as Meltonians, a powerful mandate, is to provide the highest quality Jewish learning and to recognize and honor each student as a precious jewel in the crown of Torah.
Judy Meltzer, Director, Stulman Center for Adult Learning, Chizuk Amuno Congregation, Baltimore , MD

I didn't enjoy it - I loved it. I've been to Israel so many times before, but this was so different... very stimulating and wonderful. Thank you!
Ruth Starr, London, UK

An outstanding learning experience among compatible students led by an amazing teacher whose enthusiasm and depth of knowledge cannot be compared to any tour I have ever taken before.
Linda Woloshin, Chicago, IL

Since the Melton School opened in St. Louis, hundreds of students have graduated. These graduates are now found continuing their study in our agency's adult education program and taking leadership positions in congregations and Jewish agencies around St. Louis. In particular, a significant number of our Federation's Women's Division leadership are Melton graduates. Melton is certainly making a huge impact on the life of the St. Louis Jewish community.
Jeffrey Lasday, Executive Vice President Central Agency for Jewish Education - St. Louis, Missouri

I am richer for the friendships made and the knowledge gained. My understanding of the history and the future of Israel has been greatly deepened by "living" the text in context throughout the country. Perhaps, though, it has raised many more questions that will require at least one more Melton seminar to answer... it has complicated my understanding!
Bobbie Blau, West Hills, CA

The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning provides British Jews with an intelligent overview of Jewish life, unavailable elsewhere. At turns it is intimate, yet detached; committed, yet open; intriguing, yet profound. I hope and expect us to develop a cadre of experienced adult educators who will continue to galvanize the process of communal regeneration. Not bad, not bad at all!
Jonathan Ariel, Former Executive Director for Education UJIA - London, England

I loved the inclusion of poetry and literature, as well as Biblical sources: they made the ancient and the current Israel come alive.
Anne Rothman, NJ

This was my fifth visit to Israel and the best… Everything fit together like pieces of a puzzle.
Buzz Krovitz, Denver, CO

A wonderful learning experience at every level - touching the mind and the heart.
Suzie Taryan, Melbourne, VIC

The perspective Melton put on 3000 years was astounding... a perspective of who I am, where I'm from and why I am the person I am: a deep, rich understanding of the history of Israel and the Jews.
Bob Landau, Pittsfield, MA

The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning has had a transformative impact on our community. It has brought the synagogue community and the Federation into a true spirit of partnership, with our community rabbis taking the lead teaching role. Melton has also become an unspoken 'requirement' for community leaders.
Stuart Mellan, President and CEO of the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona - Tucson, Arizona

One of the most wonderful experiences I have ever taken part in... The Melton seminar provides the perfect atmosphere for knowledge and friendship to blossom. It is a most worthwhile experience.
Nina Bonderow, Philadelphia, PA

Melton has shown me that you can't truly be a leader of a Jewish community without continuously learning. It should be a requirement of Federation and agency board members to expand their Jewish knowledge. Sam Meline - Broward County, Florida

I have gained many personal insights as to what Judaism is and will continue to evolve into for me. The class not only discussed basic facts, including historical outlines of the Jewish People, dilemmas throughout the ages, life cycle events and holidays, but also caused me to think, to consider and reconsider the meaning of Judaism from a variety of perspectives. My learning has only started - I know that I will continue to study, to dissect, and to incorporate all these definitions into my life.
Nancy C. Dougherty - St. Louis, Missouri

Melton's curriculum is inspired... Our teachers helped us to infuse all that we learned with contemporary meaning from our own experiences, as well as from interpretations offered by the various branches of Judaism, from Ultra Orthodox to Classical Reform. On a personal note, I found that by the end of the semester, during which we studied Classical Rabbinics, my initial - almost hostile - cynicism had been transformed into a healthy skepticism tempered with a core of admiration and respect for these great teachers who helped to shape and preserve our religion.
Ann Frumkin - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Since Melton began I have visited the 'Palace in Time,' which is what Abraham Joshua Heschel calls Shabbat. I have laid my hands on Challah and blessed the Source of Life - my hands and my voice calling me to behold how amazing it is that the earth exists and a seed exists that if planted and tended will grow into a plant, which we grind into a powder and mix with eggs, which a feathered animal lays, and honey, which flying insects make, and bake into bread we can eat. This is a miracle!
Gigi Rosenberg - Portland, Oregon

The Florence Melton class was something I had planned to take after I had retired. An adult mini school for Jewish education intrigued me but I didn’t think it fit into my life at present. I work full time and thought that Jewish adult education would be one of the many things that could fill my days when I had more time on my hands. I had visions of me falling asleep in class after working a full day. But I kept running into people who had taken the courses and loved it. Eventually, I decided to try it.
Elinor Weiss - Buffalo, NY

During the past two years, I have experienced a powerful spiritual awakening and enhanced understanding of Judaism. The vibrance and passion of my Melton lecturers has been an inspiration and many of my unanswered questions between my tradition and theology have been resolved. I am left with a strong yearning to explore further.
Jonathan Wolfe - Melbourne, Australia

The Melton School took me to places I never had the opportunity to explore before. I began to understand the experiences of Jews in Israel and the Diaspora throughout the ages.
Ruth Stewart - Washington D.C.