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The Melton Learning Experience: Text-Based, Pluralistic and Interactive

Jewish Leadership 2.0

At the Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning, classes are text-based and interactive and take place in safe, nurturing classrooms all around the world.

Jewish Leadership 2.0 provides participants with a modified journey, one that combines the wonderful text analysis with practical leadership skill development and time to network and be challenged in the presence of like-minded individuals through exercises that help leaders reflect on their own leadership obstacles and opportunities.

This course of study, Jewish Leadership 2.0, aims to support communities and communal organizations in their quest to encourage excellent volunteer leadership. By investing in the development of individuals who demonstrate leadership potential, this course will help communities and communal organizations to build sustainable volunteer leadership as well as solid empowering succession plans.

Like all Melton offerings, this course is offered in spaces that encourage the active participation of every adult learner in the room in an atmosphere of respect and sensitivity to the multiple voices present. Melton teachers are facilitators of meaningful conversations that bring participants together to create a learning community through shared language, open-ended questions, compassion and friendship.

For each of the eight modules in this course of study texts have been chosen as advance readings to give participants the opportunity to consider the central ideas prior to the upcoming module, in anticipation of the classroom discussions.

A digital copy of these texts is available for download here.

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