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The Melton Learning Experience: Text-Based, Pluralistic and Interactive

A new opportunity for Meltonians to study with a partner

Havruta is a traditional mode of peer-to-peer Jewish learning that is enriched by the exchange between partners as they bring their personal experiences to the texts. Melton is excited to offer our learners the chance to experience this form of Jewish study with their friends and family through an online platform designed by our friends at Mechon Hadar’s Project Zug. This pilot program is made possible through a gift by Susan and Bill Firestone.

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What is Havruta Learning Online?

Continuing this March, Melton is offering a way for its students, alumni, friends and family to engage in weekly online learning with a peer in their same community or across the globe. Participants will receive study sheets each week with questions designed to be discussed with their partner during a 30-45 min session. The course also includes high quality instructional videos that provide background and framing for the learning.

The learning cycle will begin on Sunday, March 11 and will officially run through the end of May. Because this is self-guided study, you will schedule time privately to meet with your havruta either through online video chat or in person. This allows you to have flexibility and schedule makeups due to vacations or other conflicts.

While the Havruta Learning Online model is based on independent partner study, we will be offering one premium course this session that will include live online sessions with the course author twice during the 10-week session. For those unable to make these sessions, the recordings will be made available.

Who will I learn with?

  • Learn with a Melton friend — deepen your friendship with a classmate or someone you connected with on a Melton Travel Seminar  

  • Learn together as a couple or with a friend or family member

  • Let us find you a learning partner — we will connect you with a like-minded Meltonian

What will I learn?

You have the opportunity to choose from five different courses, the content for which has been created by our partners at Project Zug.

How Do I Sign Up?

  • Register online here through March 8.
  • Questions? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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