Melton is pleased to offer a selection of sessions from our extensive course library ONLINE to learners around the world via Zoom. (Online classes will be recorded.) We are excited to offer these courses through June 2020:

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MELTON SAMPLER – "Learn With the Authors"

Experience 4 different Melton curricula taught by those who wrote them:

  • Exploring a Forgotten World: A Social History of Medieval Jewry as Revealed in the Cairo Genizah with author Dr. Shelley Buxbaum
  • Social Justice: The Heart of Judaism in Theory and Practice with author Lisa Exler
  • Jewish Mysticism: Tracing the History of Kabbalah with author Dr. Hartley Lachter
  • Crossroads of Jewish History with author Yael Weinstein

When: Mondays: June 1, 8, 15 and 22
@ 4 p.m. Pacific  |  5 p.m. Mountain  |  6 p.m. Central  |  7 p.m. Eastern  |  Tuesdays @ 1 a.m. South Africa and 9 a.m. Eastern Australia

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We Are What We Remember

Explore the impact of the ever-evolving transmission of collective memory on Jewish history's development and our understanding of Judaism today. Participants will encounter – in a number of different ways – one of the most powerful keys to Jewish survival: the enduring determination to never forget.

Faculty: Haim Aronovitz, Director, Melton Travel Seminars

When: Tuesdays, June 2, 9, 16 and 23
@ 11 a.m. Pacific  |  noon Mountain  |  1 p.m. Central  |  2 p.m. Eastern  |  8 p.m. South Africa  |  Wednesdays @ 4 a.m. Eastern Australia

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Selections from BeMidbar (Numbers) – Leadership Defied and Defended

Israel's fateful journey through the wilderness of Sinai presented numerous challenges to the leadership of Moses and Aaron; at times the nation challenged their competence as leaders, and at times individuals arose to challenge their very right to lead. Explore the biblical narratives describing forty years of wandering in the wilderness and discover the timeless nature of those stories.

Faculty: Rabbi David Glickman

When: Wednesdays: June 3, 10, 17 and 24
@ 10 a.m. Pacific  |  11 a.m. Mountain  |  Noon Central  | 1 p.m. Eastern  |  7 p.m. South Africa  |  Thursdays @ 3 a.m. Eastern Australia

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Thursday, June 4: Superman vs Spiderman: Who is the REAL Jewish Superhero? with Rabbi Neil Zuckerman of Park Avenue Synagogue, NYC. Says Rabbi Zuckerman: "I have long believed that Superman (DC Comics) was the real Jewish superhero. But, recently I read a biography on Stan Lee that has radically changed my thinking. The stories created by Marvel Comics are important cultural documents that say a great deal about those who created them and the times in which they lived. Together we will look at some fundamental Jewish content reflected in Lee’s creations."

Thursday, June 25: Self Respect as the Key to Mutual Respect  with Rabbi Matthew Gewirtz of Congregation B’nai Jeshurun in Short Hills, New Jersey

@ 9 a.m. Pacific  |  10 a.m. Mountain  |  11 a.m. Central  |  Noon Eastern  |  6 p.m. South Africa |  Fridays @ 2 a.m. Eastern Australia

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Flights of Imagination - photo by JManta Hesthaven on Uunsplash


The genesis of the American Jewish experience contains many of the building blocks that continue to shape and define the community today. Join us to learn about the adventurous Jews who settled in the British colonies, fought in the American Revolution, and launched American Jewish life. Session one follows Jewish settlement to American shores, while session two looks closely at two early American Jewish settlements: Charleston and Savannah.

Faculty: Joellyn Wallen Zollman, Melton Travel Seminars

When: Two Thursdays: June 11 and 18
@ 9 a.m. Pacific  |  10 a.m. Mountain  |  11 a.m. Central  |  Noon Eastern  |  6 p.m. South Africa |  Fridays @ 2 a.m. Eastern Australia

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