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Supplementary Materials for Melton Students

Foundations of Jewish Family Living provides parents raising Jewish children with a thought-provoking encounter with the core values of Judaism.

Part I: A Year of Values: Exploring values through the Jewish holidays

Lesson 1: Stories and Values — Introduction to Foundations

Lesson 2: Reflecting the Source — Creation, Rosh Hashanah, and our Godly Image

Lesson 3: The Gift of Self Improvement — Teshuvah (Repentance), Yom Kippur, and the Golden Calf

Lesson 4: Embracing the Other — Welcoming guests, Abraham, and Sukkot

Lesson 5: Living Beyond the Day to Day — Shabbat: creating holy time

Lesson 6: Making Our Own Miracles — Chanukah, Maccabees, religious freedom

Lesson 7: Protecting Our Eden — Protecting our world, teaching our children, Tu B’shvat

Lesson 8: Rising to the Occasion — Esther, Purim, freedom of choice and heroism

Lesson 9: Forever Leaving Egypt — Passover, Jewish Identity: Israel and the Diaspora

Lesson 10: Joining the Jewish People — Ruth, Shavuot and covenant

Part II: Day to Day Values: Exploring values for everyday family living

Lesson 11: On the Move — Abraham and heeding the call

Lesson 12: Creating Jewish Spaces — Jacob’s dream, the home, the objects within

Lesson 13: Gratitude – David and Saul

Lesson 14: Essential Judaism — Hillel and treating others the way you would want to be treated

Lesson 15: Words that Hurt — Miriam and avoiding gossip

Lesson 16: Healing Process — The value of visiting the sick

Lesson 17: Overcoming Anger — Joseph and his brothers, avoiding grudges

Lesson 18: Clearing a Path for Others — Building trustworthiness

Lesson 19: Giving Respect, Expecting Respect — Honor between generations

Lesson 20: Eternal Hope, Concluding Lesson

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