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Shira Goldenberg Zigler says studying Foundations of Jewish Family Living gave her and her husband the way to make Shabbat more meaningful for the whole family.

“My experience in the Foundations class had such an impact on my family that I would like to take it again!” she says. “One class in particular had an impact on three generations of my family. We had been studying and discussing ‘living beyond the day-to-day’ specifically how to make OUR Shabbat special.

“My mind was swirling with thoughts during class and I called my Mom immediately after class to ask about our family's Shabbat observance during my childhood. That phone call caused each of us to have separate discussions at our dinner table that night. My Mom shared the conversation with my Stepfather, who then decided that he would like to start having monthly family Shabbat dinners.

“I shared the conversation with my husband and we had a discussion about what we could do beyond our Friday evening rituals to make Saturday feel more like Shabbat. I also brought up the subject with my 4 year old, and we came up with ideas of things we could do as a family on Shabbat to give the day a more special feeling. She has also brought some of her Shabbat rituals home from school as well as rituals she has enjoyed at friends’ houses and has asked to add them into our Friday evening Shabbat routine.”

Shira took the Foundations course through the Melton School at Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy in Overland Park, Kansas.

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